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Homemade chocolate cuppycakes with vanilla frosting for my 28th birthday! :)

Tori's Day 4 Bento!

This is a BRAND new bento box we bought in Germany.

We have:

Left over homemade pizza bites (on NEW SKEWERS that I found at a market in Germany.
Carrot sticks
Dehydrated Chicken Fajitas
Grapes on skewers
Hardboiled egg (I used food marker on it, it's peeled. The food marker is made with food coloring)
Salt and pepper container.

Homemade Pizza.

I started cutting this up for bento slices before I took a picture of the completed thing. :/ Oopsy. Plus Tori was hungry right now, so yea.

This is my homemade pizza. I need a round pizza pan so I can make it round :( Square pizza, while modernish, bothers me. Excuse the flour mess on the side :/ I usually clean up before I take pics.

This DELICIOUS pizza (which I had to chug down a lot of Coke Zero to keep from eating more than 2 pieces!), is made from homemade dough and homemade sauce. There is very little cheese (mozerella) because honestly I don't care for cheese. On the pizza are tomatoes, German Peperoni Salami, yellow onion and yellow bell pepper. I forgot the oregano. D'oh!!! I will put some oregano on the pizza going in Tori's bento.





I made these cupcakes for fun. They are from scratch using store bought icing (i know i know, im bad). 

I love making cupcakes.

Pumpkin Cakes

Pumpkin Cakes


I made these pumpkin cakes with a pumpkin bread recipe I have. I made them on Halloween last year. Rather than baking the cakes, which I no longer had time for, I was a very busy girl!!! I poured the batter on my plug in skillet and turned them into pancake type bread cakes. I just call them Pumpkin cakes. 




I put fajita seasonings on the chicken with chopped up red and orange bell peppers and some yellow onion and sauteed it in water. The beans are cooked with a little salt, they taste so good naturally they didn't really need anything else. This plate of food was 400 calories including 2 small tortillas. Perfect meal.
Roasted Chicken stuffed with herbs, onion and apple.


I had rubbed oregano, basil and some salt on this chicken. I stuffed it with an apple, an onion, rosemary and basil. It came out so tender and juicy. I used some of it to create the homemade chicken noodle soup I already posted a picture of.


This chicken noodle soup was made from the chicken I roasted, it had spices, carrots, celery, onions and also some homemade noodles I made from a flour/oil/salt/other stuff dough. The noodles are time consuming but it's worth it when they plump right up in the soup like fluffy little pillows. They are delicious.




This was our Halloween meal. It has hot italian sausage ( i made mild italian sausage for Tori seperately). I normally chop the sausage before cooking it with the red potatoes I chopped up and seasoned, however on this occasion I did not, they still turned out wonderful.

I use large red potatoes only for this recipe, never russet. Sometimes I will use large yellow potatoes.

Lokke's Yummy Stew

My yummy stew in a bread bowl.


This stew is what dreams are made of. The juice from it is so DELICIOUS!!! It's completely vegetarian (vegan) so anyone can enjoy it. It's got some quite exotic tasting spices in it. I've never met anyone who didn't LOVE this stew and ask for more.