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Homemade Pizza.

I started cutting this up for bento slices before I took a picture of the completed thing. :/ Oopsy. Plus Tori was hungry right now, so yea.

This is my homemade pizza. I need a round pizza pan so I can make it round :( Square pizza, while modernish, bothers me. Excuse the flour mess on the side :/ I usually clean up before I take pics.

This DELICIOUS pizza (which I had to chug down a lot of Coke Zero to keep from eating more than 2 pieces!), is made from homemade dough and homemade sauce. There is very little cheese (mozerella) because honestly I don't care for cheese. On the pizza are tomatoes, German Peperoni Salami, yellow onion and yellow bell pepper. I forgot the oregano. D'oh!!! I will put some oregano on the pizza going in Tori's bento.