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This is perhaps my VERY favorite meal. It's a creation of mine. 

It's got yummy pinto beans (seasoned)...I will use a crockpot, pressure cooker, or just on the stove to cook my beans, they come out perfect, and it's on top of a flour tortilla. Next there is a bell pepper (usually red) yellow onion and fajita seasoning mixture that I sautee in water, sometimes I do it in oil, but since I am VERY weight concious, if I am eating it, I only use water. Next comes lovely green romaine lettuce, FRESH HOMEMADE GUACAMOLE! This is something I would never skimp on. The only way to really make this is with fresh homemade guacamole. I make the very best, it's my secret recipe! after that you can toast, bake or fry pieces of tortilla, lightly brushed with olive oil and a little bit of kosher salt. (You can also use store bought chips, I used blue corn tortilla chips in this picture)...Break up the pieces on top of the salad. Next is a bit of "Annie's Naturals Goddess Dressing". It's a tahini type of dressing, I've never been able to successfully copy it. You are better off spending the extra few bucks and using it. It's the best.

After you attack this salad with a fork, the tortilla has soaked up the juices from the beans, fajitas and dressing, so just wrap this baby up and chomp on it for a tasty, juicy treat. OMG...best thing EVER!




There was SOO much of this lasagna, I brought container upon container full over to my family's houses. It's made using FRESH tomatoes made into a sauce. NO PREMADE TOMATO OR SPAGHETTI SAUCE! You just can't make the really beautiful lasagnas with premade sauce! It's not possible!!!
I used fresh roma tomatoes, fresh garlic, fresh living basil and other ingredients that are secretive. 
The meat inside is browned organic ground beef, there are 3 layers of lasagna noodles filled with goodies and FRESH organic Mozzerella cheese. I left the lasagna in for a bit longer than usual to make sure the top was a crackling cheesy goodness. 

This is a recipe I created for lasagna. If I decide to share my recipes in the future, I will write them here.


Cheeseburger Puff Pies



First off...the hamburgers I make, are argueably the BEST hamburgers in the world. The yumminess of what I put inside and how they come out tasting is enough to make you sob with joy. It's got cheddar cheese in it as well. The burgers are grilled separately. The outside is wrapped with a dessert puff pastry. It's then coated with an egg wash, and baked for about 15 minutes until golden brown. I like to make my food look pretty so I added some condiment art. Each plate is different depending on whos eating it. For other plates there is mustard in place of the lite mayo.

The only pickles I use are Refridgerated Crunchy Kosher dills (the more expensive kind that you never see out of the refridgerated section).



I grew up in a town called Paso Robles, we would have, once a year Pioneer day. Paso Robles is on the Central Coast of California, it's a bit of a cowboy town. Every year on Pioneer day after the parade, people come with bowls, bean pots and containers to get them filled with the famous Pioneer day beans. They are the BEST beans around! I couldn't find a recipe for them ANYWHERE! Once you taste them, you never forget how much you love them. I made my own version and they come out fairly close to the Pioneer Beans they have in Paso Robles. I also make my own cornbread...because HONESTLY...what's beans without cornbread?!?

If you know me well enough...you can't say "beans" without me adding "cornbread...deedleee deee"

Day 3 bento

In this bento:

Turkey Wraps (shaved turkey meat, wrap, lite mayo, onion, lettuce)
Chicken Fajita bites
Carrot Sticks
Green Bear egg
Salt and pepper in container for eggie.

day 2 bento

This bento contains:

Shaved Chicken wrap (wrap, shaved chicken meat, lettuce, lite mayo,  onion)
Carrot sticks
Blue Bunny egg
Sunflower seeds (not in shell)
Dehydrated chicken fajita bites
Salt and pepper in container for eggie.

1st school lunch bento

Tori went back to school on Monday, August 25, 2008. I started making bento meals for her lunches.

This bento contains:

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
Raw unsalted Peanuts.
Shaved Turkey fans.
Ritz Mix (100 calorie kind)
Carrot sticks
A pink bear egg (used a mold) 
And finally a little container of salt and pepper for her eggie.